Residential Interior Design is very popular, you can see it everywhere from television programs to glossy magazines.  Everyone is looking for "wow-factor".  Signature Designs kitchen & bath is known for creatively transforming your home in distinctive fashion.  We listen to your needs, ideas and input. Ultimatley this is your home we are here to offer you design solution for your kitchen remodel, bath remodel, library, home office, wet bar or your powder room. We approach your project with new ideas that pair perfectly with a systematic approach tailored to your taste and lifestyle. 20 years experience will guide you through your project whether its traditional to contemporary "Signature Designs Kitchen Bath" is One of San Diego's top design remodel firms.

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 Design Your Home

Signature Designs Kitchen Bath offers many ways for us to work together so that you are comfortable with the experience. Clients appreciate knowing what it will take to get their project completed. Request a consultation with us today  to find out just how we can work with you on your distinctive interiors design and remodeling project.  

Kitchen / Bathroom Design / Multiply Rooms

Multitude of decisions are made over the course of a kitchen and bath renovation. Once the project is complete, homeowners usually refrain from renovating for another 20 years, on average. That’s why we believe it’s imperative that a kitchen renovation is done right the first time and meets both present and future needs. We understand the stress clients feel throughout the renovation process. Our goal is to minimize anxiety and worry through clear planning, budgeting and scheduling. With an emphasis on client peace of mind.   Every project is different we look forward to personalizing your project for you.  

Residential Interior Design  

We create distinctive interior spaces where we collaborate with the client for their life. Signature Designs Kitchen Bath is an award-winning industry leader with an outstanding portfolio of design and remodeling in San Diego. Our team avoids cookie-cutter trends, expertly developing kitchen and bathroom designs as the individual expression of each client.  Whether I’m designing a whole house, or a single room, the basic design principles still apply. It’s a collaborative effort that begins with the client to create stylish and upscale spaces.

What is your design style? 

What is your design style? 



Design Consultation

The design process start with a client interview - its really a phase you cant skip past. The blending of ergonomics and aesthetics requires talent, experience, and a never-ending supply of unique and interesting ideas. We start with concept drawings and provide you just the right idea of products for your project. Site visit made to client’s home for field visit and to measure the existing space. Complete a Signature Designs client-focused list of questions. Confirm project budget and design goals.  Sketch out project parameters: scope, timing, and materials.




Review comprehensive floor plan. Select cabinetry, finishes, and materials. Discuss various options and related costs. We guide you to all your specification, including appliances, cabinets counter tops and the finishing touch back splash materials.



Finalizing Parameters & Budget Planning 

Finely detailed line-item final proposal is presented. Review responsibilities and timing. Confirm final agreement. We can provide you with budget numbers based on the size and complexity of your project after the concept design. We create an unbeatable team by joining Bonnie's 18 years of experience in the high-end residential market.



Drawing Out Details

Although tedious, this process requiring many hours of computer aided drafting is a vital step in our ability to produce intricate and challenging projects swiftly, capably, and without errors. The unsurpassed attention that we place on this process becomes increasingly more evident the larger and more intricate the job becomes. Project engineering is the arduous process of transforming a design concept into a build able and successful project. 



Ordering Scheduling Your Installation

Final mechanical and electrical drawings are completed. Construction schedule prepared and presented including start and target completion date Installation process commences and is completed including the coordination of all necessary trades. Now we start the ordering and prepare for production for your remodeling project.



Perfecting Your Project

Job site walk through as needed or specifically scheduled. Punch list is created. Finished to your satisfaction.