All clients want the same thing, a beautiful home that is functional, while maximizing the budget. Having helped hundreds of homeowners through the design process we know to get clients through their project. Lets talk about the Design Services & Design packages for your upcoming project.

Design | REMODELING consulting

In-Home visit is the first step

The goal of the meeting is to exchange information. After a walk through the space with the client, we sit down together and discuss in detail all the specific requirements for the project. The client details the problems areas to be addressed, their thoughts regarding solutions and identifies their “vision” for the space. We, in turn, offer information about how their goals can be reached, the costs involved and how it relates to their budget. We help clients prioritize their needs and determine the best use of their funds. Budget discussions are perhaps one of the most uncomfortable yet eye opening steps in the process. Many homeowners have no point of reference when it comes to renovation costs. A consultation meeting provides the client the opportunity to get accurate, realistic information regarding cost and timeline. We can always value engineer the cost and figure out the most cost effective approach to your project!

  • Meeting review of project

  • Client provided photos or home walk though

  • Discussion of ideas to be considered

  • Client take-away recap of meeting notes

During the consultation we will take notes of items discussed and generally recommended. Additional consultations can be purchased in either 2-hour increments or larger design packages if you would like to continue to work together. On the same day as your initial consultation, the consulting fee will apply towards the design package you choose at your appointment.

Customized Design Packages

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen or bathroom, Well here are our packages that can help!

Complete Kitchen & Bathroom Design - contact us about flat rate price with bundled hours for project scope.

  • Includes a designer site visit (up to 2 hours) and full measurements and photography of your kitchen

  • Includes working with you to complete design drawings and elevations of your new kitchen

  • Includes review of contractors quotes (recommendations provided if required)

  • Full sourcing of all materials, cabinetry, lighting, furniture and cabinet hardware

  • Complete color consultation for painting as well as professional paint schedule 

  • Complete consultation on window coverings if required

  • 4 Site visits during construction to ensure the project is going smoothly

  • We always strive to get our client’s products at the lowest possible price when applicable (discounts vary widely from vendor to vendor)

Carlsbad Kitchen Remodel with custom features.

Carlsbad Kitchen Remodel with custom features.

REMODELING| Custom Homes & New Build Design Packages

Encinitas Custom Home - Powder Room for the slightly taller than average client #customized

Encinitas Custom Home - Powder Room for the slightly taller than average client #customized

REMODELING| Custom Homes & New Build Design Packages

Building a custom home can be daunting and overwhelming. For new builds and custom homes we work hand in hand with your Builder & Architect to ensure your home is functional, beautiful and on budget. Our Custom Home packages are created per project. They include full design services from the initial stages through to the last book on the bookshelf. We create a tailored package for your project with a package design fee that is paid throughout the project. We work closely with the Architect in order to make sure the form of the home matches the function

Services Included:

  • Full design drawings including floor patterns, furniture layouts, lighting plans, millwork, details and all elevations

  • Creation of a realistic budget and the management of that budget

  • Full paint schedule and color consultation

  • Frequent site visits to ensure that the design is being adhered to

  • Communication with builder and trades

  • Sourcing of all required building materials

  • Sourcing of all furniture, lighting and decor

  • Design and procurement of all soft furnishings such as window coverings

  • Decoration and Accessorizing

  • Contact us for a personalized quote



Rancho Santa Fe Home Remodel
Living Room Design .jpeg

Interior Designer Package

Sometimes you just need someone to be there for you. Basic Design Consulting Packages You may just need a bit of help here and there. That is why we have created these interior design packages. The hours are good for use on multiple projects. These packages also make great gifts!

Basic Room Package (8 Design Hours)

This is enough time for a refresh makeover, select some tile, paint colors and one shopping trip!

Design Mood Board.jpg

Personalize your outdoors with great hardscape materials, stylish furniture, stunning fireplaces and more. A complete resource for Outdoor Living. Brilliant fireplaces and fire pits, stunning fountains and planters, solutions for daytime shade and nighttime lighting, plus everything you need to build the ideal outdoor patio, pool or Kitchen.

Residential Interior Design is very popular, you can see it everywhere from television programs to glossy magazines.  Everyone is looking for "wow-factor".  Signature Designs kitchen & bath is known for creatively transforming your home in distinctive fashion.  We listen to your needs, ideas and input. Ultimately this is your home we are here to offer you design solution for your kitchen remodel, bath remodel, library, home office, wet bar or your powder room. We approach your project with new ideas that pair perfectly with a systematic approach tailored to your taste and lifestyle. 20 years experience will guide you through your project whether its traditional to contemporary "Signature Designs Kitchen Bath" is One of San Diego's top design firms.