Global Design in San Diego for Luxury Master Bathroom

We just completed this project in Rancho Bernardo- CA.  This client global lifestyle and cultural background was influential in guiding our material selections. My job was to pair their finish desires with a modern influence that would be both beautiful and elegant. We made use of a softer palette, opting for whites, creams, and rich chocolates in the master bathroom and adjoining master bedroom.  

Global Design Master Suite Remodel

The master bathroom have luxurious pink onyx slabs for the shower and structural bench. The bench is a architectural feature in this shower - with its off off set shape. The accent stripe of glass tile is a architectural feature in this shower - made up of light pink, magenta pink and bronze chocolate.

General Contractor: Taylor Pros- Kerry Taylor 
Interior finishes: Bonnie Bagley Catlin  Certified Interior Designer, ASID, NKBA, CCIDC
Cabinetry: Dura Supreme
Floors: Silverstone Marrone Italian Porcelain Tile 
Countertops: Pink Onyx

Miele Appliances Add Color For Your Home

Miele Mink Brown Appliances

Miele Mink Brown Appliances

Appliances are usually seen Stainless steel, white or black and they have been around a long time and they  remained hugely popular with the masses. Soon to be released the German manufacturer Miele has introduced a new range of kitchen appliances in stainless steel, black, white and the new color mink - a medium brown color that coordinates with a range of kitchen designs from rustic country style to modern minimalist decor. 

Miele new color Mink Brown It is a truly welcome addition.  Beautiful and elegant soon to be a new standard for many. 

Connect with Signature Designs Kitchen Bath your local San Diego Kitchen and Bath Expert Specialist providing you the best in Kitchen cabinets, Kitchen remodeling & Design  619-733-6540

EZY Jambs - Modern, Clean Line Door Jamb

Currently working on a condo remodeling project on the coast and we have decided to use EZY Jamb for a clean modern look for all of the interior doors.

See what it is- it can add that finishing touch you have been looking for your next home remodel in San Diego and abroad.

"EZY-Jamb is a split-type Jamb manufactured from cold rolled steel to produce a strong and secure assembly.

EZY-Jamb comes with perforated sides for flush jointing which produces a contemporary flush finish door jamb with clean lines and inconspicuous detail.

The completed jamb is flush finished and can be painted in with the whole wall area to fully conceal and fixing, achieving simple clean lines around the door face. The incorporation of reinforced edges overcomes the continual damage door jambs are subjected to by normal everyday use."

Installing is easy with this video


New Ideas In Cabinetry Hardware

People are always looking for fresh ideas to add cabinetry hardware to your home. It can bee seen as a piece of jewelry that you add to finish the look of your space or handles can be see as a necessary element to make your kitchen cabinetry functional.


This discrete but elegant wave-shaped handle was especially designed to adapt to modern kitchens and add a fashionable touch no matter what the chosen design scheme. It is mostly unnoticeable in the middle of a set of drawers. At the same time it stands out due to its suggestive wave-inspired minimalist contour. 


If you are into straight lines then the linear would be a better choice for you. Linear is a handle of contemporary clean design with an aluminum profile and stainless steel finish. Designed to be applied on the side or tops of cabinetry doors and drawers.  it is available in a great variety of lengths - it is smooth,minimalist and stylish.



Kitchen Remodeling ideas and more from Signature Designs Kitchen Bath in San Diego. Ask Bonnie Bagley Catlin for assistance on your next kitchen remodel.


Handle Free Cabinetry

European cabinetry manufactures have set standards in design, function and aesthetics.

In the 1960’s SieMatic developed the S2 Handless kitchen, today you can see hand-less cabinetry styles throughout the finest homes and modern living spaces.  If you are looking for that minimalistic design style, then cabinetry that is handless can maximizes function and beauty – allowing the flow of clean lines to continue throughout your home.

Add SieMatic to my favorite collection of home cabinetry for sure. 

SieMatic S2 Handle Free Cabinetry

If that doesn’t fit your project then you can always get amazing integrated handles like Hettich handles to keep that modern look.

Handle-less kitchens or kitchens with integrated handles provide simple minimal lines

Integrated Cabinetry Handles

For your next project contact Signature Designs Kitchen Bath to find out more. 

Wallpaper Design

There’s something about a wall covering that adds that extra element of color, energy and texture to a room. Wall coverings provide a way to unite a space together, enhancing its overall effect and creating a warm, cozy look for any room. With styles ranging from textured grass cloth to floral patterns San Diego's Bonnie Bagley Catlin of Signature Designs is sharing some of her favorite wall coverings she uses when designing homes for clients.  

Whether its paper, fabric, something with pattern, or just texture, our walls are a great opportunity to create an interesting backdrop for interiors. Nothing says custom quite like wallpaper (naturally because it is much more labor intensive than a paint job).

1006+1019+Whimbrel+Court-low res.jpg

Shopping around for wallpaper with Bonnie Bagley-Catlin

"I love Grass cloth – a great go-to paper. The texture adds warmth, coziness, and a sense of sophistication and polish to a space. It can be versatile, and comes in a variety of color options." 

 Phillip Jeffries  (see dining room photos)

"I love the unique textured look of Valhallan papers These papers can be used as sheet goods, torn, layered – they are create and dramatic."

Valhallan  (dark copper with black art)

"York Wallcovering's Candace Olsen Couture collection has rich classic patterns for elegant traditional looks." 

York Wallcoverings (see bathroom photos)

Task Lighting angled power strips for your kitchen at

Take a minute to watch our video which will acquaint you with task lighting angled power strips. There are so many benefits to this stealthy power source in your kitchen. First and foremost being that outlets no longer have to disrupt your backsplash; the beauty of your kitchen is no longer compromised as it mounts directly under the cabinets and against the wall. 

These angled power strips also give you more freedom in your kitchen. In the same counter space that offered a standard 2 outlets you can now plug in 8 appliances. Using an angled power strip in your office by placing it underneath your desk could eliminate a lot of the clutter. Angled power strips are versatile and any room in your house can benefit from them.

If you're getting ready for your remodel now call Signature Designs Home to learn more about angled power strips. You can purchase angled power strips here in numerous sizes, colors, and lengths available at


Bonnie Bagley-Catlin can be reached at or (619)733-6540. 

Elegance in Fairbanks Ranch


Fairbanks Ranch is a beautiful community filled with gorgeous homes. This particular home wanted to bring elegance and richness into their home; and with a few changes they have.

The ceilings and niches were given a faux metallic paint that adds depth to the room. Along the walls of the foyer sits furniture with rich jewel toned fabrics in blues and turquoise accented with gold and copper. Changing interiors ,finishes, and accents can make a room more lavish and sophisticated.  


Smart Storage for your Kitchen & Home


Recycling and Trash

Keep your kitchen open, uncluttered, and clean with built-in recycling and trash bins. Design Tip: Think about where you'll need these recycling and trash pull out centers most often; Next to the sink? Refrigerator? Range? Pantry? A 15" or 18" wide base cabinet can hold both a trash and a recycling bin, making sorting easy. If your home location requires sorting of recycles ahead of time, you may even want two pull-outs, for a total of four bins. 


Tall & Deep Base Drawers

Deep drawers allow you to see everything that you put into them. Drawers are better than shelves and standard cabinets, offering a lower storage option making it easier to access frequently or infrequently used items. 


Under the Sink

Don't stuff those plastic grocery bags under the sink, or worse, in the garbage. A plastic bag door storage unit keeps those plastic bags tucked away and ready for reuse. The plastic tray is perfect for hiding away sponged and cleaning pads without damaging the cabinet. 


Tall Pullout Cabinets

Tall pullout cabinets allow you to put storage in the small of spaces of your kitchen and maximize the space while also allowing you easy access to everything inside of them. Great for tall bottles, boxes, and cans. Find 8 sources to get these types of storage in your kitchen. 


Find more storage ideas here. 

Pillows as Art

Just like a beautiful painting or sculpture, accent pillows add a signature style tying a room together. There are endless possibilities of color and pattern combinations. With neutral walls and furniture, pillows can are an easier option than paint and cheaper than a new couch. They also allow you to change the look of a room as often as your style changes. Not to mention, the comfort!


From the mismatched pillows above with a variety of colors, shapes and materials to the monochromatic set with various patterns, its clear that pillows have a place in any style home. 

You can find inexpensive pillows and higher end pillows whatever fits into your budget. You can even make them yourself if you are savvy with a sewing machine. 


Classy Bath

Its very common to experience at least a little dissatisfaction with your bathroom. Layouts can be awkward and small, fixtures outdated, and the colors all wrong! When you spend up to an hour a day (sometimes more) in your bathroom getting ready for your day, all of the problems start to surface. To improve your bathroom you have two options: 1. Make small changes that have big impacts or 2. Renovate!  


The right project for you depends on how you and your household use the bathroom. Consider what problems you run into, is it a space issue? a storage issue? If you have many people using one bathroom you may have noticed a clutter of products, beauty tools and wet towels so fixing the storage will probably make you a lot happier in your daily bathroom use.

Is your bathroom a portal to 1985? Bringing your toilet, faucet, and shower into modern times can be as important an update as any functional one. 

If your problems can be fixed with updating colors, decor, and cabinetry the cost will likely be very low and the transformation can be amazing. These updates exclude pluming changes, rewiring, or knocking out walls. Take the plunge and explore your options to get what you want out of your bathroom. 


If you decide your bathroom is just too awful as-is and it needs renovation take the opportunity to make the most of the space you have. Again here you should identify what your bathroom is used most for. If you don't use the tub then forget about it and focus on your ideal shower. Use professionals for plumbing, construction and anything you're not experienced in yourself. This may include a designer but it doesn't have to. Find design ideas for luxury bathrooms here

Beyond Stainless in your Kitchen


Stainless steel appliances promise a long life span, easy clean up, hygienic cooking surfaces, and a sleek kitchen. it's no wonder why kitchens everywhere have been installing stainless for the past 25 years. But when its time for an update or to adding more flare to your kitchen's look, do you add more stainless or branch out? Rather than shopping for more of the same, think of materials and colors that could compliment the existing sleek silver kitchen. There are several ways to transform your kitchen away from stainless drab. 

A splash of color is the perfect signature for your kitchen. Most colors work well with stainless. Even if your kitchen's metal is bronze or copper, colors mix well and can brighten up, or warm the room. Red or black accents will amplify the bold and modern aspects of metal appliances, while white or pale colors can bring a calm and timeless feel.  

Another strategy is to stick with metal. Mix in various types of metal to create a unique feel. Nickel accents with stainless steel, a copper hood over a stainless steel oven, the possibilities are endless. Copper and bronze metals can be used to create a traditional kitchen. Carefully select the right mix to maintain a theme. The back splash and cabinetry in the  photo with the copper hood are traditional enough that the stainless appliance doesn't take a turn for modern.

Similar strategies are the addition of wood cabinets throughout the kitchen, or bringing in a classic countertop. Milo's Metal offers multi-tone metal products that can be used as a 'conversation piece' countertop. However, a simple granite countertop would bring enough depth and design to set your kitchen apart. Playing with textures, patterns, and colors can help take your kitchen beyond stainless. 

Artwork in the Kitchen

wall art.PNG

Art has a place everywhere in your home, even in your kitchen. For many homes, kitchens are the meeting place, the center, and the heart of the home. Bringing art into the room makes it more personal, and can tie the look of your kitchen together. 

You can use art to give your kitchen a bold look, or a natural look. A kitchen can be amplified through art and it doesn't have to be kitchen themed.

Bring in styles from the rest of your home to make the kitchen and the rest of your home cohesive. 

Food or kitchenware inspired art can bring a fun and playful energy to a kitchen. This is art that wouldn't really fit anywhere else in your home. 


Ready to host the Superbowl?


The time has come again for the Superbowl. Appetizers, beer, and rooting for your favorite team are on the menu this weekend. If you're planning to host to your friends this weekend you might be worrying if your home is well equip to handle a party. There are 3 things that are important when hosting a Superbowl party. Snacks, Seating, and Screen Size.


There are many routes to take when deciding on appetizers for the big day. When choosing, consider your guests preferences. Do you have vegetarian friends or guests with allergies? Be sure to include fruit or vegetable based options for those who cannot eat certain things. The basics of potato chips and dip are a safe bet to throw in. And for the 'wow' factor, create a Superbowl themed food. Pinterest is a go-to for creative ideas especially when food is involved. This is your time to get creative. Choose a snack that represents your favorite team (even if your guests are rooting for the other!).  


You don't have to have a personal theater to host a Superbowl party, but plenty of comfortable seating should be required. Be careful not to invite more people than you can seat. This is a long event with commercials, games, and socializing all involved. You want to be sure your guests aren't fighting for seats. If you host a lot of parties you may consider adding  home theater . This all depends on how much you enjoy having people over! Consider turning a rarely used basement or spare room into viewing room or even a 'man cave'. 

Screen Size 

There's no need to go out and buy a 50 inch Smart TV for your Superbowl party. Generally whatever you have in your home will suit the needs of a football game. As long as the picture is clear, the volume gets high, and all guests can view the screen from your couch, you're set! However, if you and your family are not big on 'TV', meaning you don't have one or its smaller than your microwave, you probably should pass the torch of hosting onto another friend for this event. 

Whether you're rooting for the Seahawks or the Broncos, we wish you a happy Superbowl filled with friends and fun. 

Kosher Kitchen

“A Kosher Kitchen is a type of kitchen that
prepares food according to the requirements of
the Jewish law. The term ‘kosher’ is derived from
Hebrew language which means ‘proper’ or ‘pure’,
and is used to conform to strict Jewish law
pertaining to preparation of food.”
( 2013). You should consult with
your Rabbi for a list of rules and guidelines .

Committing to a Kosher Kitchen can be quite an
undertaking ; when you are also taking on a
complete remodel, it can be overwhelming.

Recently completed “Kosher Kitchen” remodel
in Carlsbad, CA. Through my research, I have
learned that having clear guidelines would be
helpful to make a Kosher Kitchen remodel as
easy as possible.

Find Our Guidelines for Kosher Kitchens here

carlsbad kosher.PNG

Comfort food - Mushroom Popover


Comfort food is always a hit, make for a quick weeknight main course with mushrooms with the deepest flavor.  Crustless—and replete with an airy, custardy pancake-like texture (therefore, a popover), this is baked directly in a round skillet. 

Mushroom Prep.jpg
Pirch Chef Pamela.jpg

Chef Pamela from Pirch UTC happen to select this main dish this week as well as the UT NEW SanDiego featured the recipe – great minds think alike.


Modern Dishware


Dishware can be a great accent piece for your kitchen and its time to say goodbye to white & round porcelain plates, because style is making its way into cabinets everywhere. A variety of shapes, styles, colors, and patterns give you another way to put your signature into the design of your home. 


Square dishware has been around for a few years. It adds a modern and fun twist while still maintaining the functionality that you get from your standard round plates. These colorful Steelite plates designed by Sedona come with a matte finish. 

Steelite is home of many of the current trends in dishware. Pictured left are 'What's New' at Steelite. Organic designs, hand crafted shapes, a new spin on sophistication; there's a lot to explore


Getting back to basics, and saving the planet at the same time, Eco-friendly dishware comes in many varieties. Generally the look masks the material with colors and traditional styles. These bold pieces by Are Natural are elegant and clean bringing nature to the kitchen in all the right ways. 

Though these styles are popular, and present in many homes, the combination of pieces and how you pair it with your kitchen's style its what makes it a Signature. 


New Trends In Countertops

Countertops are a wonderful way to express your personal style in your home. The variety of materials range from marble,laminate and tile, to steel, concrete, and wood. As technologies advance and styles change, newer varieties will become available and the 'norm' is bound to change. For instance, in the 1960s and 1970s laminate countertops were extremely popular. Popularity teetered over the years but in recent years laminate has come back into style because of improved manufacturing techniques.

A lot of thought goes into deciding which countertop is right for you. Durability, aesthetic appeal, and price are at the top of the list when making this decision. Today we will talk about porcelain and quartz, two trendy choices for countertops, and why they top the list. 

                                                                   Porcelain Countertop Photo by Dekton

                                                                   Porcelain Countertop Photo by Dekton


      Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Options Photo by Eurowest

      Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Options Photo by Eurowest

Porcelain slab countertops come in many colors and patterns, each offering a customized and clean look. These countertops are 30% more durable than granite and are stain resistant, leaving homeowners worry-free about damaging their countertops.

Need an outdoor countertop? Porcelain is the right choice as it stands up to rain, snow, and sun without deterioration. The cost is affordable, one slab of porcelain ranges from $800 - $1000 pre-fabrication. 

When compared to  other options the biggest pros for porcelain are its versatility of design, unmatched durability, and value in terms of cost. While granite is strong enough to keep normal wear and tear at bay, it is susceptible to stains. There are pros and cons to each choice, but porcelain has more pros than many of its competitors.  


Brands we Recommend for Porcelain Countertops 

Dekton - Neolith - Maxfine - Eurowest 



                  Quartz Countertop Photo by Bailey Company

                  Quartz Countertop Photo by Bailey Company

A higher priced choice, Quartz, offers greater strength than granite along with the beautiful look of marble. Chips of quartz and resin are engineered and tinted with color offering a variety  of patterns and colors. Quartz is heat resistant up to 300 degrees and is stain resistant, making it an ideal choice for the kitchen. This material is also not likely to etch at the pressure of a knife's blade. The cost of Quartz averages $1800 - $3600 per slab. 

Don't get confused between Quartz and Quartzite. Quartzite is formed from sandstone and quartz and while it is a harder surface than quartz, it is not immune to etching. 


Overall it seems that durability and customization are what have everyone falling in love with porcelain and quartz.  Considering that home renovations usually lasts for many years, the right look and the life of all products should be considered before purchasing. 

Holiday Leftover Pizza

A common problem we face post-holiday madness is a fridge full of too much food. And lets be honest, it can get a little boring to have a turkey sandwich everyday. So why not spice things up a bit by turning your holiday leftovers into a pizza?

              Chef Pamela 

              Chef Pamela 

The first sighting of this wonderful treat was presented by Chef Pamela at our San Diego Pirch location. Her version was sweet and meat-free with cinnamon and cranberries. Then we found a very similar and easy to follow recipe on PopSugar that had a savory twist. This pizza idea is really a free-for all with topping choice. It can be transformed into a sweet treat by leaving off the turkey and pesto, then adding cinnamon. If your family are not meat-eaters you can try adding stuffing 

The best part about this dish is that the only thing you NEED to buy is the pizza dough. Which comes in many varieties pre-made. Keep the holiday spirit alive while exploring new ways to eat your leftovers. Let us know what holiday leftover pizzas you create!