SAN DIEGO Interior Design

We believe design is not just about creating a beautiful room, but creating a room that evokes emotion for the home owner.  Signature Designs believes that ever piece that is selected for the home owner is defined by style and detailing. We seek authentic treasures when working with clients keeping in mind project completion dates and the over all budget. We design interiors to be smart homes, connected with the latest modern technology and mobile-integrated devices.  we believe in creating distinctive interior solutions, finished with quality cabinetry tile, hard surfaces, the perfect furnishings, draperies and accessories.

Offering our unparalleled quality of design in many styles and finished, suited for all tastes and budgets, Signature Designs Kitchen Bath has won numerous awards for design, we will bring elegance and functionality to the forefront of your home.  Whether we are engaged in a new construction project or helping a client redecorate their well-loved home, our goal is to provide a carefully crafted design style consistent with the clients desires.       See more about our awards received here.