Luxury Kitchen Appliances for Transitional Kitchen Remodel - Before & Afters

Everyone likes before-and-after pictures, particularly when the change is dramatic and the result eye-catching .  Kitchen Bath & Certified Interior Designer Bonnie Bagley Catlin of Signature Designs Kitchen & Bath designed a luxury transformation in Central San Diego.   


The clients, like many folks in this region of the country with its balmy Mediterranean weather here in San Diego, love to bring the outdoors in and indoors out.  That is one of the main features in this home remodel.

The nationwide trend toward great rooms and open continuous space versus separate rooms for every function marks this redesign as well.  The general kitchen area has been the focus of the home for years, but it took a while for enlarging the area to become established.  This home exemplifies the move, removing chopped up little rooms to create an expansive entertainment area. The clients often have guests over, sometimes as many as forty, and will use that area to its fullest.

Bonnie Bagley Catlin’s design fulfilled a number of the clients’ other requests as well.  They had gone to see some large design/build firms in the San Diego area, but none of them really listened to them like Mrs Bagley Catlin.  The retired professional husband was an avid chef and wanted the finest luxury appliances.  He dreamed for a kitchen large enough for him to cook in with many visitors present.

Before Dining Room Wall 

Before Dining Room Wall 

The after space with the high ceiling it was imperative that we were able to raise the beam as high as possible in that part of the house. As the wall is opened up the way just blowing out that one wall opens up the kitchen is amazing.

After Dining Kitchen Wall 

After Dining Kitchen Wall 

Moving the dining room into what was previously the living room not only gave the dining room a larger space, but allowed for more entertainment area.  In addition the former dining room became a sitting room, creating more entertainment space lending towards the clients desires for more of that indoor-outdoor living.  The La Cantina Bi-Fold door really added to bringing in the outdoors as well.

Addition with LaCatina Door

By adding on to this client home in the dining room permitted for extra square footage that allowed us to incorporate a small glass bar with a full sized Subzero Built In Wine storage. 

New Subzero Wine Wall

New Subzero Wine Wall

The old kitchen .. . in addition to being small, outdated, and dark, there was an unnecessary soffit on the ceiling that was removed to increase overhead space.  Coupled with knocking out the wall to the dining room and the addition, that side of the home went from average to fabulous when it comes to entertaining space.

Before Ref / Dining Wall

Before Ref / Dining Wall

Before Nook

Before Nook

The outdated Tuscan kitchen has an entirely new look and feel.  This kitchen went from cluttered . . .to gorgeous, spacious, and much more functional. Center stage in this kitchen are custom cabinetry with a bevel detail and Sherwin Williams Modern Gray for the light cabinets. 


The built in buffet in the nook was replaced with refrigeration provided by two Sub-Zero integrated units, one all refrigerator and one all freezer. 

The increased space comes even though the island length increased and extended into the former breakfast nook, eliminated in Signature Designs Kitchen Bath space layout, provide more room for mingling between the guest and the chefs. 

New Fully Integrated Subzero Refrigerator and Freezer Wall 

New Fully Integrated Subzero Refrigerator and Freezer Wall 

 There are now two sinks, one of them being a truffle-colored Blanco America Precis™ Super Single Undermount Sink.  The precious stone in the kitchen. BLANCO sinks made of SILGRANIT stand out thanks to the elegance of the beautiful colours and attractive designs. SILGRANIT consists of 80% granite, which makes it ideal for daily life in the kitchen.

Blanco Siligrant Sink 

Blanco Siligrant Sink 

The Miele ovens are located at the opposite end of the kitchen from the refrigeration system.  The top-of-the-line cooking appliances include a 48” dual fuel range/oven combo that’s incredible.  It has six gas burners plus a griddle plus a convection over with controllable humidity levels plus a warming drawer plus a rotisserie plus a Sabbath mode.  The second over is also a Miele, this one a combination convection and steam oven. 


Two different types of counters were used in this design.  Bonnie of Signature Designs Kitchen Bath specified a Silestone® natural quartz composite sink for the working areas.  Silestone® is extremely hard and resilient making it perfect for cooking areas.  Its non-porosity lends Silestone® its highly stain resistant quality. 

Countertop Details

Countertop Details

However, a beautiful piece of Quartzite graces the part of the island where diners and drinkers will hang out.  Granite and Quartzite is porous and needs to be sealed on a regular basis to maintain its striking esthetic quality.  Whereas dining at the old island was not something to be appreciated . . .using the new island will be a sensual experience, with beautiful granite and the delicious smells from the nearby range/oven .


This incredible home remodeling project could not have been done without the general contractor that Bonnie Bagley Catlin partnered with Remcon Remodeling.  The unerring attention to Bonnie’s design and technical craftsmanship made this project work.  Photographic credit for the “after” pictures goes to Maria Pablo Photography. 

Signature Designs Kitchen Bath 

Is that Wallpaper - what we are seeing now in statement wallpapers

Is that wallpaper?  Yes wallpaper resurgence is stronger than ever with more and more custom manufactures surfacing. There are so many options that is hard to decide how to take that first step.  There’s something about a wall covering that adds that extra element of color, energy and texture to a room.


Wall coverings provide a way to unite a space together  and enhance its overall effect.  Wall treatments create a warm, cozy look for any room that meets the needs of any discerning homeowner.   With a wide range of style, from textured, grass cloth to floral patterns San Diego Bonnie Bagley Catlin of Signature Designs, is sharing some of her favorite wall coverings she uses when designing homes for clients.  

Whether its paper, fabric, something with pattern, or just texture, our walls are a great opportunity to create a great backdrop for interiors. There’s not much that says custom quite like wallpaper (naturally because it is much more labor intensive than a paint job).

1, Strong Patterns: Design trends coming from Palm Springs and LA designers are bringing designs to life with bold patterns and colors. Kelly Wearstler is know for her strong pattern mixing.  

2. Rich Colors  Clients are asking for more color. We are seeing a desire to personalize and warm up their homes.  A recently completed home in Rancho Santa Fe features this metallic wall covering. Blended striping composed of woodpulp make a perfect statement in this powder room, 

Rancho Santa Fe Custom Home - Signature Designs Kitchen Bath 

Rancho Santa Fe Custom Home - Signature Designs Kitchen Bath 

3. Iconic Wallpaper Patterns are always a great choice.   York wall coverings offer Candace Olsen Couture collection. -Rich classic patterns for elegant looks. This magnificent Candice Olson collection reinterprets classic luxury with a style that is simple. 

Multple Candice Olson Patterns Featured 

Multple Candice Olson Patterns Featured 

4. Traditional Elegance - Large Scale Pattern Wallpaper 

The bigger the pattern, the bolder the design. When designing with oversized and dynamic scaled patterns, it is important to consider the space you are applying the wallpaper to.

Fortuny Wallpaper from Royal Design Studio

Fortuny Wallpaper from Royal Design Studio

Whether you’re looking for something more refined or something daring, Wallpaper is still an amazing option for interior design needs. 

From The Chair of the ASID Kitchen Bath & More Tour 2017

As the Chair of the ASID Kitchen and Bath & More Tour, we are thrilled to share with you that we had twelve remarkable homes created by San Diego Top Kitchen & Bath Designers.  We showcased 12 homes with the latest advancements in kitchen & bath design. As the progressed we has steady flow of consumers that visited each home with an average of 100 to 150 people to the 12 homes. It is the perfect way for clients to meet members of the American Society of Interior Designers have created some of San Diego County’s most stunning properties. professional designers have the skills and talent to assist discerning homeowners with projects that combine beauty and function in residential exteriors and interiors.

asid kitchen bath and more tour.png

Our ASID Kitchen Bath Home:  Our clients Solana Beach home with ocean views was transformed to maximize the living area, creating a great room experience for a young family. The results emphasize the family bonds, connecting the cook with their friends and family members.  After removing the dividing wall and opening the rooms, the home was re-imagined through space planning resulting in a creative family hub. Resurfacing the fireplace gave birth to a modern focal point.  The residence is now flooded with natural light, capturing the energizing color palette, rich with bold colors and layered with textures. 

Before and After Video our Solana Beach ASID Kitchen Bath & More Tour 2017

San Francisco - The Zephyr Bloggers Retreat 2017 - Through A Designers Eye


The above picture is of the iconic San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge embraces part of the story that makes up San Francisco highlighting the Bay with a view of the city in the backdrop. There are many layers to the city ranging from diverse cultural melting pot and its deep connections to layers of nature. The San Francisco natives seem to embrace organic fresh foods, it was actually voted the number-one best city to live the organic foodie lifestyle by the online magazine Organic Authority

I was fortunate to be asked to participate in a trip to San Francisco to share in it's rich culture and to learn more about Zephyr Ventilation which is based in San Francisco. Upon arriving in San Francisco I made my way to the hotel The Clift Hotel designed by Philippe Starck. The hotel has an eclectic feel , dark and moody on the main floor and tranquil lilac upstairs on the room floors. The hotel has chairs in every corner. It is one of Philippe Starck design statements. 

Since 1997, San Francisco-based Zephyr Ventilation has challenged the notion that the range hood is an afterthought in kitchen design. We have made it our mission to design architectural forms that capture the imagination and generate new ideas to distinguish your kitchen. 

We shared an afternoon with Iconic Fu Tung Cheng - International Designer Resident of Berkeley California . He has designed a hood line for Zephyr that is affordable. He went on to shares some of this latest projects in California #zephyr

Zephyr Ventilation Features that stand out:

Clean Air Feature– turns hood on once every 4 hours for 10 minutes

Zephyr RF Remote Control
Traditionally, remote controls have been utilized as part of entertainment and home theater systems, but with the Arc Collection, Zephyr has brought the convenience of such devices into the kitchen. The RF Remote Control - an ingenious gem of a device - not only commands the power and light of each Arc Collection range hood, but it also compliments a countertop with its sleek, geometrical and palm-sized design. From a distance of up to 15 feet away, the RF Remote Control affords its user a degree of convenience that significantly enhances spending time in the kitchen workspace. Additionally, the remote control centralizes the range hood's operations in one easy to reach place without having to reach over head or pinch buttons to operate the range hood. Included with Arc Collection Hoods.

Multiple Blower Options

Bloom HD LED Lightbulbs– an industry breakthrough offering 25,000 hours of life, are dimmable, and remain cool to the touch

DCBL Suppression System– in layman’s terms, it’s all about air quality. This system offers decreased ambient noise with increased power and efficiency, using 77% less energy, making 77% less noise, and delivering 30% more cfm than standard hoods. DCBL offers the quietest (virtually inaudible), most energy-efficient and best performing range hoods on the market. For those of you who are following the engineering details here, this motor increases torque at lower speed settings and provides increased CFM levels with lower noise levels simultaneously.

Airflow Control Technology (ACT)– all DCBL and select models include ACT, which is a proprietary feature that limits closer CFM to ensure your home is safe and in compliance with local make-up air codes.

ICON Touch Controls – techies, any model with this feature is for you-

Self Cleaning Systems (hello…)

Quick-Lock installation for island models- If you have ever installed an old school island hood or watched installation, you will appreciate this feature.

Exploring the City by the Bay

San Francisco Trolleys

During our designers retreat we had a blast exploring San Francisco Design District and Napa Valley as a tourist with our gracious host Zephyr. 

Coup D’Etat  is a furnishings gallery filled with vintage furniture, lighting collections and artisan pieces - luxury materials and unique pieces of art. 

Coup D’Etat is a furnishings gallery filled with vintage furniture, lighting collections and artisan pieces - luxury materials and unique pieces of art. 

Throughout the trip we indulged in farm to table cooking, topping off our last day with a trip to Napa wine country with an education and full and proper wine tasting.  Joseph  Phelps winery was pure class and the wine was incredible. Not being a huge fan of wine I was skeptical but I clearly learned that a fine wine can make you change your mind. 

Everything about this trip to San Francisco was planned to the tee!! From the presentation to the education. Zephyr is definitely a influential brand that you should bring into your home.  I bring expertise and knowledge to my clients to enhance their lifestyle and home environment. Their home is where they feed their families and friends which feeds my soul to give them such a personal space they can share with their loved ones. 

Did You Vent Today??

Today the kitchen hood has taken on a many new looks depending on your personal style. Trends are split between the disappearing hood and a focal point where the hood becomes the piece of art in your kitchen. 

What is your style? Clean - Sleek low maintenance or statement focal point. My clients have mixed design signs lately, it is truly a personal preference. Once you have decided the style of hood you want the question then becomes how do I select a companies product to bring into my home. Performance and style are my hot buttons that I share with my clients. Noise levels have a lot to do with the air movement through the exhaust van but there should be a lot of excess noise.  The purpose of a exhaust hood is it is designed to collect airborne grease, moisture and cooking odors. 

Billionaires Row Condo in LaJolla CA $10,120,00 - Zephyr Lux Ventilation Hood 

Billionaires Row Condo in LaJolla CA $10,120,00 - Zephyr Lux Ventilation Hood 

Zephyr Ventilation is celebrating 20 years of solving consumer needs.  Pushing the boundaries of kitchen ventilation design, performance and technology.  Zephyr in 2000 brought change to the ventilation world by partnering with some of the industries leading designers like Fu Tung Cheng and Robert Brunner.  Each designer in on their own has distinctive design qualities and partnering with Zephyr they created a dynamic team. Here are a few of the the designers collection. 

Cheng Limited Edition Zephyr Hood 

Cheng Limited Edition Zephyr Hood 

Zephyr Moderna combing the finishes of steel and glass it is a great choice for that modern kitchen that wants to make a statement with highly effective Bloom HD LED light blubs. 

Zephyr Modena

Then the Pisa hood by Zephyr might be a great choice for your next kitchen remodel if your looking for a clean modern style for your kitchen. 

Zephyr Pisa

Pisa’s low-profile body delivers stunning design which you can be proud of. It features an elegant retractable visor which helps in the capture of air and puts control at your fingertips.

Create your own perfect ambiance with Zephry Verona Wall. Don't let the glass canopy fool you, the Verona has the capability to change with your mood. You can select from cloud white, deep blue and amber yellow to match your kitchens decor. Now that's unique. 

I am off to the Zephyr factory later this month to hear more about this innovative company.  I cant wait to share all the knowledge that I gain from my trip to San Francisco. 

Vanity Bath Silhouettes by Medallion

Signature Designs Kitchen and Bath & Medallion Cabinetry are proud to

announce a new bathroom cabinetry and vanity program. 


With six amazing styles that allow you to use all of the cabinet levels available to Medallion customers, including Silverline, Gold, and Platinum.
Transport your senses every day with unique, artistic furniture from Bath Silhouettes by Medallion Cabinetry.

Recreate the European countryside spa you fell in love with or that edgy, contemporary retreat.
Breathe in the fresh crisp autumn air or bath in rich sunlight all within the comforting walls of your own home.

Create a personal spa with elegant architectural touches on flexible, easy-to-use cabinetry that can be customized to your personal style and tastes.

Portico Collection

 Immerse yourself in the brilliance of grand design with the portico collection. Begin you day basked in luxury with bathroom furniture that emulates exquisite villas, end it soaking the days work away as nobility. Experience magnificence with portico. Evoking a felling of grandeur thriugh it's beautiful design. Elegant architecture ever present in the toe valance and top molding.

Solare Collection

The Solare vanity collection emits a bright and airy design that can completely transform any bath. With a furniture style look that gives the vanity an open bottom and legs.



  • Hand applied stains and varnishes
  • 3/4" solid hardwood dovetail drawer, the strongest drawer box available
  • Solid hardwood door and frame construction
  • Concealed hinges and drawer guides
  • 3/4" thick adjustable shelving
  • Superior case construction - each cabinet is built with 1/2" standard sides, tops and bottoms; strong I-beam construction; dadoed joinery; and pocket screwed hanging rails. 
    All lines coordinate with Medallion's impressive selection of islands, wood hoods, moldings, storage elements, decorative accents and other accessories. 

Signature Designs Kitchen Bath - THEPLACE for kitchens and baths supplies homeowners, builders and businesses in the Carlsbad and San Diego Area with premium quality custom and made-to-order cabinets at an exceptional value.  

Choose from a wide range of styles and configurations suitable for kitchens, baths - every room in your home. 

Biggest Mistake When Remodel

Building a home for your family is exciting! FUN, joyful. Or should be!  After 20 years of working with homeowners and many, many new builds and major remodels, without a doubt there are more than a few mistakes but this seems to be a trend right now as the biggest issue.


Not having a plan. This sounds silly right? But there are plans and then there are PLANS as in “planning”. You need not just a plan for the house itself but also a plan for how you are going to tackle the myriad of decisions you will need to make to transform the paper “plan” into the 3 dimensional home you envision. This takes a lot of work ….and guidance.  It is so important to think this through and get it right…on paper…before you release the bulldozers. Do not try and “select things” out because your builder said he needs this info before he begins. This is great and wonderful if you are building a tract home. But this thinking has no place in the reality of custom home building. It is a process and yes yes we want to have good estimates on costs to build but this can be done without buying every special deal you see on online before a tree is cleared. 

Lately a multitude of clients have come to me from Carlsbad, Encinitas to LaJolla, when they have already started framing their new home or remodeling project. This can be accomplished of course but what it does to you is causes a lot of stress. We are reacting instead of planning. As a word of advice play it safe and think through all your building needs, budget and over all style in the beginning.  


Be Smart Plan Ahead, Concept Design, Drawings, Finishes, Budget  - Successful Project. 

Lall floor plan.jpg

My Trip to Kohler - The Bold Look of Kohler

This week raps up with a fantastic trip to Kohler Wisconsin to visit the Kohler Plumbing Factory. 

My trip started off a bit rough with airport delays and a long layover in Phoenix, arriving to The Kohler American Club early the next day.  More than a bit exhausted I was still eager to get up and start the day for my Kohler Experience. From the moment the day started my experience there was nothing short of spectacular.  Kohler is such a top-notch company with exquisite, cutting-edge products, it would be difficult to leave uninspired.

As a leading designer, I place a lot of value in being able to have product knowledge for quality products before putting them in my clients’ homes. I want to know first hand how Kohler is always inspired to create trend setting designed products and how the artist crafts each unique piece.  

Kohler Design Center - Kohler Wisconsin 

Kohler Design Center - Kohler Wisconsin 

Tuesday we spent exploring just how Kohler makes a few of its plumbing products with a 3 hour factory tour. It is truly amazing to see the detailing and time it takes to make their products. Now I truly appreciate the value they offer their products to the public, great quality and good value pricing. 

While at Kohler I received impeccable service at The American Club, always greeted by an enthusiastic and helpful staff.  It seems the Kohler staff throughout there large company holdings have the same enthusiasm for the Kohler family.   Class Act! 

Fashionably Designed Living Room

When your clients aren't afraid to go bold!  This client loves ocean rich blues hues, so we brought those colors to their home.  Daring mix of colors with modern touches that bring bright energy and character to the space.

Large windows flood the room with natural light, highlighting the wall color and art, creating an intriguing sensation of depth.  Center focal point is a unique set of LP modern art.  Paired with a pair of ceiling pendants add an artful illumination to the living room area, where teal, blue and magenta meet in a daring contrast of color. When you come home to this project you can except to be floored.

Designing A Teenagers Bathroom

When designing a teenager's bathroom do you take on the philosophy that you should build the space for resale or do you cater to your teenager.  We believe that you should embrace life and live in the moment as much as possible. 

Start with a concept that reflects your teenagers personality. We start with a fun transitional bathroom remodel  featuring pink cabinets,  wood tile, circle accent tile and marble countertops. Custom cabinetry in a unique hot pink color. 

Another one of my clients teenagers is looking for a glamour bathroom inspired by her admiration of Coco Austin an actress, dancer and glamour model.  This bathroom style is a little more transitional yet offers bold detailing. 

New Look for Urban Office Space in Little Italy

Inspire your employees, impress your clients, and feel productive in a space you love working in, this commerical office was made over to create the perfect work enviroment. 

Our client wanted to bring a urban polish to his real estate company, a space that he was proud to share with client. This space will allow him to grow his company and staff with sophistation. 


Whether you’re in pre-lease renovation negotiations or just need a space refresh, our designers are super skilled in creating an on-brand, culture-improving, and functional workspace for you and your employees.

Houzz Room of the Day: Art Deco Tile Dazzles in a Master Bathroom

Featured on Houzz: Room of the Day

The flow of this master bathroom was, frankly, clogged. “The original floor plan was broken up and offered little storage space,” interior designer Bonnie Bagley Catlin says. By overhauling the layout, she fit in a roomy shower, a luxurious free-standing tub, a storage-packed vanity and a separate room for the toilet. As for the style, timing was everything. Just after signing up for the project, she attended the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and found a new stunner of a tile that would wind up setting the tone for the room’s style and palette. 

Bathroom at a Glance
Who uses it: Two young professional parents of two toddlers
Location: Near San Diego
Size: About 143 square feet (13.2 square meters)
Designer: Bonnie Bagley Catlin of Signature Designs Kitchen & Bath

BEFORE: A more functional layout for the couple was imperative and involved redoing the plumbing. “The existing layout was boxy, chopped-up, and they didn’t have room to spread out on the vanity,” Catlin says. The end of the room was awkwardly crowded by the tub, shower and vanity. The shower had a bulky soffit overhead. And the finishes were dated and drab.

AFTER: In the new layout, Catlin gave her clients a roomy shower and a long double vanity with room to spread out on the countertop and plenty of storage. She placed the tub at an angle to maximize the length of the vanity, add a dramatic effect and open up the flow. Getting rid of the soffit in the right corner allowed more light in from the large existing window. 

Wall paint: Swiss Coffee, Benjamin Moore; Tulip tub: WetStyle

The vendor at KBIS let Catlin take a sample of the tile straight from the show so that she could show it to her clients, and they loved it just as much as she did. It wound up influencing the rest of their choices in the room. 

“This tile is just amazing. It’s limestone with silver leaf,” Catlin says. 

Tile: Lux in Silver Satin, Ann Sacks  See the whole article on houzz

What New From The Kitchen Bath Industry Show!

The Kitchen Bath Show happens every year at the first of the year. This year 2017 leather was a big hit at many companies showcasing it's versatility of leather by integrating leather panels and shelves in two displays - one modern and one more traditional. Elkay used Mahogany Buffalo dECOLeather, custom stitched and panelized by EcoDomo.  Many visitors felt compelled to touch and feel the leather when seeing the space !

Leather is a handsome and durable material that transcends trends. However, over the last decade its popularity has expanded from the familiar and tactile den sofa and office chair to include floor tiles,countertops, furniture, wall panels and cabinets, all using recycled leather products.  EcoDomo LLC has made a commitment to the environment and their objective is to import and distribute exclusively products which are made from sustainable resources – either recycled, reclaimed, or re-used.

The comments collected from the kitchen and bath show of 2017 was in response to integration of leather in cabinetry was exceptional. People were intrigued, fascinated, and awed by the combination of materials on display with leather.   They loved the design and esthetics of the product.  Watch out for this trend growing throughout 2017 and beyond. 

We at Signature Designs Kitchen Bath of San Diego are a authorized dealer for Elkay products and we will have out samples of this wonderful new product late March. 

Design The Ultimate Kitchen With The Cook In Mind

Every homeowner wants a fabulous kitchen that is delightful and that cooks and functions beautifully, we will take the most complex room in the home and address its function as well as its form and simplify it in the top must haves features your kitchen should have.

We always start with the client consultation and discussions about cooking habits and client routines. This allows us to think about how to start to create the design essentials for each clients home. Most homes we work on should consider these items that will assist the whole family in their food preparation and enjoyment of sharing the space. 

Here are several tips to consider when designing your kitchen.

Design Wide Walkways & Traffic Flow

Design wide walkways and Traffic flow. The movement and function of your kitchen can be just as important as the appliances you choose to cook your families meals in. Paths throughout the kitchen should be 42" wide but we can do 36" wide if you are limited on space. Paths in the cooking zone should be a min of 42" for one- cook and to 48" for two-cook configuration.  

Double up or Separate your Appliances.

Clients are diving into appliances like never before. From cooktops to ranges that offer built in steam units . You ask what is a steam unit. It is the most amazing way of cooking. If your budget will allow for this additional appliance then you must look at the top two steam units. Miele and Wolf.  Another function we are seeing trending is column refrigeration. By using column refrigeration units the client is able to separate the ref and freezer. This can allow for a larger refrigeration unit, and fresh foods are the chef first choice.  

Think about the right height for the microwave

The correct height and location for a microwave oven may vary depending on the chef or the kid-friendly character of the kitchen. For adults, 15 inches above countertop level is a good microwave height. For kids, a below-countertop setup may be safer and more suitable. Thats goes for children who might be cooking as well.  Put kids' favorite dishes and snack foods on shelves they can reach.

Fill It Up! 

Tired of lugging water-filled pots from the sink to the cooktop? A swing-out tap -- also called a pot-filler -- installed near the cooktop fills pots near where you heat them. Or you can install an extra-long hose attachment on your main faucet to fill pots on the cooktop...not really. Avoid backbreaking work of lugging heavy pots and look for a wall mounted faucet to install at the cooktop or range. 

Plug It In!

Install multiple outlets along the backsplash and on the island so you'll have electricity wherever you need it. There are angled power strips available so you can keep your tile free of outlets. You can even add outlets into your cabinetry by using a charging station. Think about the junk drawer and how useful it can really be now. 


Time to think about the Looks

Our distinctive design styles include Contemporary, Transitional, and Traditional to meet all your needs. Start with a Door Styles Shaker, flat or inset? Your cabinet door style is important — it may be your biggest kitchen expense, after all — but choosing it doesn't have to be stressful. See which of these popular cabinet doors fit with your home's style. Can't decide between wood or painted cabinets, or whether they should be light or dark? Pick both for an unforgettable kitchen. Mixing and matching cabinet finishes and colors is one of my favorite things to suggest for a kitchen. It's a bold move and most people are not quite ready to make that jump. But the right combination can make for a modern kitchen your guests will be telling their friends about.


Invest In The Best You Can Afford

The right cabinetry will stand the test of time. That can just be the quality brand you choose to use in your kitchen remodel or the classic finishes you decide upon.

Code Always Rules

Prepare for 2017’s new Title 24 regulations, With this most recent set of revisions, the commission is striving toward a pair of new state efficiency targets: achieving net zero energy for new residential construction by 2020.  

  • Lighting: All lighting in new homes must be highly efficient, according to the 2017 Title 24 standards. By installing these fixtures alongside controls that can adjust output, homeowners can cut their energy usage on lighting in half. 
  • Walls: 2017 regulations require builders to use high-performance wall materials, featuring additional insulation to keep heat out during the summer and keep heat inside the home in the winter. This passive feature can save heating and cooling energy year-round. 
  • Attics: With limited ventilation, attic temperatures can skyrocket on hot days. Adding insulation to roof decks and ceilings can curb these temperature spikes by as much as 35 degrees and adding insulation to ceilings helps keep this heat out of the house, according to the CEC, reducing cooling loads on already strenuous summer days.
  • Water heating: Installing tankless water heating technology and improving water distribution systems could help reduce energy usage by as much as 35 percent in new homes, the CEC reported. 



Transform Your Bathroom With Six Easy Tips

Transform Your Bathroom With Six Easy Tips

The bathroom is a very important part of any house. It is so important, it is one of the top selling features when a person is house shopping. The bathroom also takes more abuse than any other room. Remodeling or updating your bathroom is a big job. But you can make it easier with these six tips from the pros.


  • Have it on hand

Before you begin, make your plans and gather all your materials. Sometimes it takes weeks to get special orders in. If you planned on the tile (for example) being delivered on time and it is delayed, you are stuck until it arrives. This often makes a homeowner go to plan B and settle on a tile that they can get right away instead of what they really want. Plan, then buy and when you have all your equipment, only then begin your project.


  • Remove limitations

Do not limit yourself to home improvement stores. Home improvement stores are usually limited in selection. They stock basic items that appeal to the masses. Your unique style is squashed by the limitations of the available product. Instead, shop at stores that specialize in what you need. Try Maestro Bath, for unique and stylish vanities, faucets, and ideas.


  • Changing the flooring

Pulling up the floor in the bathroom is difficult and often pieces remain stuck, making new installation very hard. Instead, pull up the underlay with the floor. It is actually less work and will save you time and ensure your new installation goes smoothly.  Encaustic tile is all the rage now it is a perfect way to add some flair. 


  • Add some pizzazz

Using glass or mosaic tile is very costly. But you can have a fantastic look for a lot less if you use it just for a border or if you apply it sporadically for extra style. This tip gives you a custom design that creates a huge visual impact.


  • Pay attention to details

Choose a great faucet and vanity top. Install a curved chrome shower rod that matches the faucet. Add depth and width to the mirror by trimming it with wall trim (painted). Allow for shower shelves built into the shower wall. Do away with the tacky plastic or metal shower caddy. Add a splash of color with plants or accessories that pop. The attention to detail pays off with your overall transformation.  

  • Update the lighting

This is often overlooked when people remodel a room. Outdated lighting features take away from the appearance of the room. Plan for this in the beginning of the project in case new wiring needs to be installed. The end result is a well put together chic bathroom. 

  • Bonus Tip

While saving money may be key in your remodeling job, you owe it to yourself to splurge on something. Choose a beautiful vanity top, a top of the line designer faucet, or the special tile you love. Splurging on one item will not add too much to the overall cost of the project. Consider it your reward for being so handy and resourceful. You will be glad you did.


Your bathroom remodel can be cost effective and it can add value to your home. Most of the work can be done by you. However, do not be hesitant to call a professional for help if you get in trouble. The cost is well under the cost of having to undo what you have done. You are dealing with water and electricity. There is little room for error. So if you need help, ask for help.


Luxe Magazine Gold List Edition 2017 Interiors / Architecture / Inspiration is here!

Luxe Magazine is HERE! We are thrilled to be apart of this amazing Gold List Edition for 2017 , this Issue showcases our modern condo  project  in solana beach, ca. 

The Client was seeking an elegant but masculine, rich space that would embrace the newest phase of his life. The entire contemporary condo was remodeled, leaving no wall untouched.  SeaScape Sur Solana Beach Condo by Signature Designs Kitchen Bath

Inspiring Color Palettes for Your Kitchen

Are you inspired by the cool tones of winter with its crisp temperatures, dramatic snow covered landscapes, and cozy evenings near the hearth with hot cocoa. If you’re in love with the dazzling colors of winter and can’t help but smile when you see the first snowflakes … perhaps you should look at pulling some of Winter’s hues into your home.

Inspired by a first snowfall in the forest, this finish palette combines Dura Supreme's White paint and Weathered D finish on Cherry with Sherwin-Williams Upward (SW 6239) paint. This combination of finishes is bright, crisp and breathtaking just like the first dusting of snow on the branches of a tree. Below is a wonderful palette that can be seen in a recent bathroom remodel by Signature Designs and Dura Supreme weathered cabinets. 

In this color palette, Dura Supreme's Smoke stain on Quarter-Sawn Red Oak contrast with the White paint like trees contrast the snow. While Dura Supreme’s Personal Paint Match finish in Smokey Blue is a beautiful complimenting finish for a feature piece like a kitchen island and Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow SW 7662 for the walls resembled cool winter skies. This color palette can create a design that feels spacious, bright and calming.

Dura Supreme has inspired many home owners with their on trend color palette offerings. Are you inspired to start your winter journey. Signature Designs is your local Dura Supreme dealer resource. 

Make Your Kitchen A Social Zone - Add Docking Stations

Everyone uses the kitchen. Whether they’re getting a glass of juice or preparing a meal, the kitchen is a space where people naturally go. Everyone from your family to your guests will love spending time there–and so will you if you add modern conveniences for example charging stations can make it easier to hang out longer.  It’s the perfect way to bring people together, without making the interactions seem like a requirement.

Dress Up Your Cabinets and Drawers: The only thing hotter than the white kitchen trend is the kitchen charging station.

Love the wardrobe you give to your cabinets and drawers and ensure your guests love them too. There are a variety of ways you can dress up these nooks and crannies in your kitchen–and it will make a big statement. Use track lighting beneath your cabinets to light up your countertops. Install beautiful, wooden drawer organizers that give your spoons and forks their own special place. You can even utilize a Hafele non-slip mat to keep in-drawer items in place every time you open and close your drawers.

Where will you put Docking Drawer in your next kitchen remodel?

Designing Your Dream Bathroom

What can someone expect from a design consultation?
We encourage people to contact us before they start the process of building their kitchen or bath. So, even if you’re just beginning to think about a new bathroom, lets chat about your project. We like to start by going over your wish list – what’s the dream? How do you want to your bathroom to feel? How do you want it to look? We can take you from inspiration through floor plan considerations to choosing products during the design phase.

What about the shower experiences should people be thinking about?
Technology has opened the door to a whole new world of experiences in the shower. Often people don’t realize that it’s possible to have not only water but also music, steam and lighting all working together in the shower. It’s really like having a spa treatment at home.

And spray innovations have introduced such a wide range of water delivery options that people can choose how they want to feel – energized or relaxed – and design experiences to achieve those sensations. I help clients find the best fit.

How do you help people choose a style?
We love talking about their style preferences in other areas to help us narrow in on a general area of modern or traditional. We jump into color palette preferences as well, so we can choose finishes that makes sense in the overall space.

Are there any shower products you recommend right now?
We recommend you make your tile interesting and a focal point of the bathroom. We use a lot of large format porcelain and natural stone tile. The porcelian tile usually cost a little less and is easier to maintain.  People love the way it looks and ease and care of the product. 

Whats Hot In Kitchen Design 2016

Whats Hot In Kitchen Designs Mid Year 2016 

The National Kitchen and Bath Association has been tracking kitchen design trends for over 53 years now. The key trend is an emphasis on clean lines, less ornamentation and personalized luxury stands out thought the survey created by the NKBA. Clients are looking for workable, customized environments that suit their lifestyles. 

These are our top 5 trends that clients are looking for from acclaimed kitchen and bath designers across the nation.  Below are the nations Top 10 Trends.

LESS IS MORE - A pared down environment with transitional design being the leading rule of 2016. We anticipate seeing more clean lines in design, the challenge is that as the design gets simpler the design will need to find news ways to accomplish that distinctive style for the client. That can be achieved in various ways by the seasoned professional. 

COLOR CONNECTION - Consumers are finding ways to incorporate bold colors and patterns into their design. Everyone is still loving gray, white and off whites but incorporating an accent color thought in smaller accents can tell a personal story for that client

STORAGE - Pullouts, Tilt-outs, tilt-ins are HOT in cabinetry storage. It is the key requirement for homeowners, that organization items be included in more than 90 percent of kitchen projects completed by National Kitchen Bath Designers.  Topping the list of popularity are trash/recycle pullouts 81 percent.

MODERN TECH HOMES - Today's increasing volume of work from home professionals they want more options and gadgets to be part of their everyday life. Docking and charging stations have been a number one priority in all the new designs we create. The hub of the home, the kitchen, means ease and convenience of preparing a meal. That could be as simple as adding a under cabinet power strip that conveniently holds your ipad so you can read the recipe while cooking. 

STEALTH SPLURGES - Home owners have been diving back into indulging into their homes with lavish products like free standing tubs, large spa like showers and lavish refrigerators and steam cooking appliances. The greatest luxury in the world is time and if these lavish items can add a quality of life for the home owner then it is worth the investment. 

1 Transitional style, with clean lines, and less ornamentation.
2 Two or more cabinet colors/finishes in the same kitchen, often in a light/ dark combo.
3 Pull-outs, tilt-outs, and tilt-ins for easy storage, trash and recycling.
4 The look of wood flooring dominates, be it actual wood or wood-look ceramic tile.
5 Different countertops for islands and the perimeter, varying in both color and material.
6 Outdoor kitchens, most popular in the Southeast.
7 Built-in coffee stations and wet bars, as well as built-in wine refrigerators.
8 Pocket doors.
9 Pet spaces, including built-in feeding stations, food storage and crates.
10 Docking and charging stations.

1 Greater acceptance of aging-in-place amenities: no threshold showers, grab bars, higher vanity heights, chair-height toilets.
2 Transitional is pulling away from contemporary. Transitional is the most popular style.
3 Neutral colors rule in the bath. White is the most popular fixture color, and whites and grays are the most popular overall color schemes.
4 More open shelving and floating vanities.
5 More built-in storage functionality: more roll-out shelves in bath cabinetry, more “hidden” electrical outlets for blow dryers, etc.
6 Undermount sinks are far and away the most popular sink style. Emerging: 15 percent did a trough sink, which may increase slightly.
7 When tubs are installed in master bathrooms, they are most likely to be freestanding.
8 Increasing use of shower amenities such as lights, built-in seats and benches, and hand shower in addition to the mounted showerhead.
9 Polished chrome is the most popular faucet finish.
10 Other amenities specified by at least 25% of NKBA members in 2015:
a) Easy maintenance features
b) Electric radiant floor heating
c) Master bathrooms with coffee
bars, microwaves and wet bars
d) TV in mirror
e) Quiet or soft-close toilet seat
f ) Steam showers