Transform Your Bathroom With Six Easy Tips

Transform Your Bathroom With Six Easy Tips

The bathroom is a very important part of any house. It is so important, it is one of the top selling features when a person is house shopping. The bathroom also takes more abuse than any other room. Remodeling or updating your bathroom is a big job. But you can make it easier with these six tips from the pros.


  • Have it on hand

Before you begin, make your plans and gather all your materials. Sometimes it takes weeks to get special orders in. If you planned on the tile (for example) being delivered on time and it is delayed, you are stuck until it arrives. This often makes a homeowner go to plan B and settle on a tile that they can get right away instead of what they really want. Plan, then buy and when you have all your equipment, only then begin your project.


  • Remove limitations

Do not limit yourself to home improvement stores. Home improvement stores are usually limited in selection. They stock basic items that appeal to the masses. Your unique style is squashed by the limitations of the available product. Instead, shop at stores that specialize in what you need. Try Maestro Bath, for unique and stylish vanities, faucets, and ideas.


  • Changing the flooring

Pulling up the floor in the bathroom is difficult and often pieces remain stuck, making new installation very hard. Instead, pull up the underlay with the floor. It is actually less work and will save you time and ensure your new installation goes smoothly.  Encaustic tile is all the rage now it is a perfect way to add some flair. 


  • Add some pizzazz

Using glass or mosaic tile is very costly. But you can have a fantastic look for a lot less if you use it just for a border or if you apply it sporadically for extra style. This tip gives you a custom design that creates a huge visual impact.


  • Pay attention to details

Choose a great faucet and vanity top. Install a curved chrome shower rod that matches the faucet. Add depth and width to the mirror by trimming it with wall trim (painted). Allow for shower shelves built into the shower wall. Do away with the tacky plastic or metal shower caddy. Add a splash of color with plants or accessories that pop. The attention to detail pays off with your overall transformation.  

  • Update the lighting

This is often overlooked when people remodel a room. Outdated lighting features take away from the appearance of the room. Plan for this in the beginning of the project in case new wiring needs to be installed. The end result is a well put together chic bathroom. 

  • Bonus Tip

While saving money may be key in your remodeling job, you owe it to yourself to splurge on something. Choose a beautiful vanity top, a top of the line designer faucet, or the special tile you love. Splurging on one item will not add too much to the overall cost of the project. Consider it your reward for being so handy and resourceful. You will be glad you did.


Your bathroom remodel can be cost effective and it can add value to your home. Most of the work can be done by you. However, do not be hesitant to call a professional for help if you get in trouble. The cost is well under the cost of having to undo what you have done. You are dealing with water and electricity. There is little room for error. So if you need help, ask for help.