Task Lighting Angled Power Strips for Your Kitchen at SignatureDesigsHome.com

Take a minute to watch our video which will acquaint you with task lighting angled power strips. There are so many benefits to this stealthy power source in your kitchen. First and foremost being that outlets no longer have to disrupt your backsplash; the beauty of your kitchen is no longer compromised as it mounts directly under the cabinets and against the wall. 

These angled power strips also give you more freedom in your kitchen. In the same counter space that offered a standard 2 outlets you can now plug in 8 appliances. Using an angled power strip in your office by placing it underneath your desk could eliminate a lot of the clutter. Angled power strips are versatile and any room in your house can benefit from them.

If you're getting ready for your remodel now call Signature Designs Home to learn more about angled power strips. You can purchase angled power strips here in numerous sizes, colors, and lengths available at www.signaturedesignshome.com


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