San Francisco

Did You Vent Today??

Today the kitchen hood has taken on a many new looks depending on your personal style. Trends are split between the disappearing hood and a focal point where the hood becomes the piece of art in your kitchen. 

What is your style? Clean - Sleek low maintenance or statement focal point. My clients have mixed design signs lately, it is truly a personal preference. Once you have decided the style of hood you want the question then becomes how do I select a companies product to bring into my home. Performance and style are my hot buttons that I share with my clients. Noise levels have a lot to do with the air movement through the exhaust van but there should be a lot of excess noise.  The purpose of a exhaust hood is it is designed to collect airborne grease, moisture and cooking odors. 

Billionaires Row Condo in LaJolla CA $10,120,00 - Zephyr Lux Ventilation Hood 

Billionaires Row Condo in LaJolla CA $10,120,00 - Zephyr Lux Ventilation Hood 

Zephyr Ventilation is celebrating 20 years of solving consumer needs.  Pushing the boundaries of kitchen ventilation design, performance and technology.  Zephyr in 2000 brought change to the ventilation world by partnering with some of the industries leading designers like Fu Tung Cheng and Robert Brunner.  Each designer in on their own has distinctive design qualities and partnering with Zephyr they created a dynamic team. Here are a few of the the designers collection. 

Cheng Limited Edition Zephyr Hood 

Cheng Limited Edition Zephyr Hood 

Zephyr Moderna combing the finishes of steel and glass it is a great choice for that modern kitchen that wants to make a statement with highly effective Bloom HD LED light blubs. 

Zephyr Modena

Then the Pisa hood by Zephyr might be a great choice for your next kitchen remodel if your looking for a clean modern style for your kitchen. 

Zephyr Pisa

Pisa’s low-profile body delivers stunning design which you can be proud of. It features an elegant retractable visor which helps in the capture of air and puts control at your fingertips.

Create your own perfect ambiance with Zephry Verona Wall. Don't let the glass canopy fool you, the Verona has the capability to change with your mood. You can select from cloud white, deep blue and amber yellow to match your kitchens decor. Now that's unique. 

I am off to the Zephyr factory later this month to hear more about this innovative company.  I cant wait to share all the knowledge that I gain from my trip to San Francisco.