Safe Water For Those In Need

Kohler Opens A new Signature Store in Culver City this week. Wonderful products perfectly displayed what an inspiration.  Well that was just the beginning for Kohler. 

Kohler has partnered with World Vision to launch a water mission to bring a clarity program that delivers 99 percent pure water containment free safe drinking water to 3rd World Countries. “Our goal with KOHLER Clarity is to provide a filter extremely efficient at creating safe drinking water that also becomes a fixture of convenience and dignity in a home,” said Mike Radloff, Senior Project Manager-Water Technologies. “Kohler engineers and designers love a challenge and have high standards. In two years, we’ve been able to bring together teams around the world to use our expertise in plumbing to develop and bring to market this solution.” 

This wonderful filter can purify up to 40 liters of water per day which is enough drinking water for a typical family and cost less than 1 cent per person per day to operate.  The filter can be easily replaced at the end of its usefulness. What a great thing to offer clean water for everyone. Approximately 1.8 billion people are affected by unsafe drinking water worldwide. 

What a great cause, we at Signature Designs Kitchen Bath have decided to become a partner with Kohler and World Vision to help the growth of clean water. Every month we will be donating towards this worthy cause, why not join us to support this global problem!