Ready to Host the Superbowl?

The time has come again for the Superbowl. Appetizers, beer, and rooting for your favorite team are on the menu this weekend. If you're planning to host to your friends this weekend you might be worrying if your home is well equip to handle a party. There are 3 things that are important when hosting a Superbowl party. Snacks, Seating, and Screen Size. 



There are many routes to take when deciding on appetizers for the big day. When choosing, consider your guests preferences. Do you have vegetarian friends or guests with allergies? Be sure to include fruit or vegetable based options for those who cannot eat certain things. The basics of potato chips and dip are a safe bet to throw in. And for the 'wow' factor, create a Superbowl themed food. Pinterest is a go-to for creative ideas especially when food is involved. This is your time to get creative. Choose a snack that represents your favorite team (even if your guests are rooting for the other!).  



You don't have to have a personal theater to host a Superbowl party, but plenty of comfortable seating should be required. Be careful not to invite more people than you can seat. This is a long event with commercials, games, and socializing all involved. You want to be sure your guests aren't fighting for seats. If you host a lot of parties you may consider adding  home theater . This all depends on how much you enjoy having people over! Consider turning a rarely used basement or spare room into viewing room or even a 'man cave'. 


Screen Size

There's no need to go out and buy a 50 inch Smart TV for your Superbowl party. Generally whatever you have in your home will suit the needs of a football game. As long as the picture is clear, the volume gets high, and all guests can view the screen from your couch, you're set! However, if you and your family are not big on 'TV', meaning you don't have one or its smaller than your microwave, you probably should pass the torch of hosting onto another friend for this event. 

Whether you're rooting for the Seahawks or the Broncos, we wish you a happy Superbowl filled with friends and fun. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer