New Ideas in Cabinetry Hardware

People are always looking for fresh ideas to add cabinetry hardware to your home. It can bee seen as a piece of jewelry that you add to finish the look of your space or handles can be see as a necessary element to make your kitchen cabinetry functional.


This discrete but elegant wave-shaped handle was especially designed to adapt to modern kitchens and add a fashionable touch no matter what the chosen design scheme. It is mostly unnoticeable in the middle of a set of drawers. At the same time it stands out due to its suggestive wave-inspired minimalist contour. 



If you are into straight lines then the linear would be a better choice for you. Linear is a handle of contemporary clean design with an aluminum profile and stainless steel finish. Designed to be applied on the side or tops of cabinetry doors and drawers.  it is available in a great variety of lengths - it is smooth,minimalist and stylish.



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Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer