Modern Dishware

Dishware can be a great accent piece for your kitchen and its time to say goodbye to white & round porcelain plates, because style is making its way into cabinets everywhere. A variety of shapes, styles, colors, and patterns give you another way to put your signature into the design of your home. 

Square dishware has been around for a few years. It adds a modern and fun twist while still maintaining the functionality that you get from your standard round plates. These colorful Steelite plates designed by Sedona come with a matte finish. 

Steelite is home of many of the current trends in dishware. Pictured left are 'What's New' at Steelite. Organic designs, hand crafted shapes, a new spin on sophistication; there's a lot to explore

Getting back to basics, and saving the planet at the same time, Eco-friendly dishware comes in many varieties. Generally the look masks the material with colors and traditional styles. These bold pieces by Are Natural are elegant and clean bringing nature to the kitchen in all the right ways. 

Though these styles are popular, and present in many homes, the combination of pieces and how you pair it with your kitchen's style its what makes it a Signature. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer