Making the Most of your Small Space

You may love many features of your home, but it’s likely you had to make a few compromises when choosing a house to buy. One such compromise could be that you may have a small kitchen when your dream is a large great room.

We have some great tips for your small space that will make your space work more efficiently with these helpful tricks.

Keep it Light! Dark colors will swallow up your kitchen and make it feel even smaller. Stick to whites, creams and clean accent colors such as green or blue to keep things bright and open.

Cleaver Storage: Use narrow cabinets by reducing the depth or your pantry / hall closet might have some extra storage space you’re not using. Transfer some of the items you use less often (such as mixers and serving trays) to these areas to free up space in the kitchen.

Be Organized: Store items together if you often use them in the same meals. If you don’t know how to do this an organizer can help you choose the right cabinets closest the dishwasher for plates and glasses so you can unload quickly.

If you dream of a bigger, more functional kitchen, new cabinets that maximize your storage a new kitchen could be the answer for you. When you’re ready to pursue an upgrade, please contact Signature Designs Kitchen Bath we will guide you!  

If you have a change come by the ASID Kitchen Tour October 24 and see how we made the most of a small kitchen make over. It changed their lives!,-bath-more-tour-2015

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer