Make Your Kitchen A Social Zone - Add Docking Stations

Everyone uses the kitchen. Whether they’re getting a glass of juice or preparing a meal, the kitchen is a space where people naturally go. Everyone from your family to your guests will love spending time there–and so will you if you add modern conveniences for example charging stations can make it easier to hang out longer.  It’s the perfect way to bring people together, without making the interactions seem like a requirement.

Dress Up Your Cabinets and Drawers: The only thing hotter than the white kitchen trend is the kitchen charging station.

Love the wardrobe you give to your cabinets and drawers and ensure your guests love them too. There are a variety of ways you can dress up these nooks and crannies in your kitchen–and it will make a big statement. Use track lighting beneath your cabinets to light up your countertops. Install beautiful, wooden drawer organizers that give your spoons and forks their own special place. You can even utilize a Hafele non-slip mat to keep in-drawer items in place every time you open and close your drawers.

Where will you put Docking Drawer in your next kitchen remodel?