Holiday Leftover Pizza

A common problem we face post-holiday madness is a fridge full of too much food. And lets be honest, it can get a little boring to have a turkey sandwich everyday. So why not spice things up a bit by turning your holiday leftovers into a pizza?

The first sighting of this wonderful treat was presented by Chef Pamela at our San Diego Pirchlocation. Her version was sweet and meat-free with cinnamon and cranberries. Then we found a very similar and easy to follow recipe on PopSugar that had a savory twist. This pizza idea is really a free-for all with topping choice. It can be transformed into a sweet treat by leaving off the turkey and pesto, then adding cinnamon. If your family are not meat-eaters you can try adding stuffing 


The best part about this dish is that the only thing you NEED to buy is the pizza dough. Which comes in many varieties pre-made. Keep the holiday spirit alive while exploring new ways to eat your leftovers. Let us know what holiday leftover pizzas you create!

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer