Fireplace Design Ideas - Is It Time To Make Over Your Fireplace

A fireplace can be a beautiful addition to your home and much more than utilitarian.  They can be an important part of the design of your room and possibly even the focal point.  The trick is to find your personal style, what inspires you for your personal home.  Of course, with so many designs to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start, so it’s important to really evaluate your needs. In this way, you can be sure of making an investment that will make you happy. 


Some of the latest fireplace designs are multi-dimensional fireplaces.  Some fireplaces have many dimensions because they can be seen from more angles than just head on.  Corner fireplaces can be viewed from two sides.  Check out this modern corner fireplace from Regency.

Regency Corner Fireplace.jpg

The Regency® City Series™ of modern gas fireplaces has other features of interest including the Cool Wall System.  This means that many types of finishes not normally thought of for fireplaces because they can melt or burn may now be used.  These include:

Cool Wall System.png

Even materials like abalone shell and other exotics could line the exterior of these fireplaces. 

Heat is released at the ceiling of the fireplaces, meaning venting is simpler and you can sit in front of the fireplace when it is on full bore without getting uncomfortably hot.  This particular line of fireplaces is also simple enough to install that a contractor is not required.  Here is a striking example of another corner fireplace:

Regency Chicago Fireplace with crystals and glass.png

When it comes to picking the best tile for refreshing an old fireplace, pattern matters. Interior designer Holly Mathis uses mosaic tile in a herringbone arrangement to update a modestly sized fireplace. The zigzag pattern spices things up without upstaging everything else in the living room.

Herringbone tile fireplace.jpg

Another big fireplace trend is the use of unusual finishes, or basically, anything other than wood, plain store and tile, plaster, and paint.  We’ve already seen some metal and some colorful finishes already.  Tile lends itself to fireplace surrounds and with the explosion in interesting colorful and/or textured tile, fireplaces had to follow.  This one is very colorful, with Spanish or Encaustic tile:

Fun playful tile patterns

Fun playful tile patterns

Refined elegant tile patterns see more here about our  DelMar project

Refined elegant tile patterns see more here about our DelMar project

For a clean and simple look, this unassuming fireplace packs a big punch. The offset hearth is charming in its simplicity, while the large white expanse is a fantastic place to display a beloved piece of art. The black and white design is the perfect backdrop for varying shades of green, and the boxy shape contrasts beautifully with soft, comfy furniture. Because this fireplace takes up a large portion of a wall, it gives a cozy and warm feeling. This is a perfect space for unwinding and relaxing, surrounded by the comforting glow of firelight and soft furnishings.


We have seen a big push for turning back the clock at home by adding a little vintage style to your contemporary fireplace. For instance, this retro family room by Jennifer Weiss Architecture keeps things fresh with midcentury-inspired, sculptural tile that goes up to the ceiling.

Mid Century Modern Fireplace.jpg

Mid century can have a modern fresh look in today's interior design. 


     Industrial metal has already been shown in prior examples, but not quite like this fireplace:

industrial metal fireplace.png


A fireplace is supposed to be an attractive focal point. But if yours is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons, consider giving it a face-lift with beautiful tile. There are plenty of stylish options available that will transform a fire surround into a feature you will adore. Are you ready to make that transformation? 

Seek the help of an Interior Designer so that the results fit your home’s look and functionality.  Bonnie Bagley Catlin of Signature Designs Kitchen Bath in Carlsbad works all over San Diego and Orange counties assisting homeowners with the right configuration of their spaces.  Let Bonnie build you a new fireplace, whatever your style happens to reflect.