European Minimalistic Cabinetry - Made In USA

Love the look of European Cabinetry like Germany Cabinetry or Italian Cabinetry but you don't love the cost? We have the answer for you that is made in america.

How does the cabinetry compare in construction. Ovation cabinetry is made with the finest american craftsmanship full depth plywood boxes. That's right the standard construction practices of the European companies is to have 3/4 depth cabinet boxes. That seems odd when the cost can be so high in comparison with the German and Italian Cabinetry. 

Segue is the best of both worlds, expertly blending contemporary appeal with a traditional foundation. Offering the benefits of nature with man's refinements, while seamlessly harmonizing classic and modern styling.  Inspired by the world, made in the united states, the Segue line is contemporary in all ways.

The best ingredients for kitchen planning start with the right design professional, pared with perfect materials creating the skillful balance and harmony in your home. 

Ovation Cabinetry is a must have for any home of distinction. Signature Designs Kitchen Bath creates extraordinary spaces for Kitchens, Bathrooms for designers, architects & homeowners. Set apart from other cabinetry lines we are able to choose our finishes - not limited by the manufacture chosen materials. 

Feel the innovation of creating combinations according to your taste: materials, color, textures including matte to glossy.   By combing the unique materials and mixing in your personality we will achieve that distinctive look you are seeking. 


Segue offers an extensive library of both natural and engineered exotic veneers.  Decorative panels in Lacquered Surfaces which showcase High Gloss to Super Mattes. Crystal like gloss with the highest resistance to scratches and discoloring. 

Seeking the European Unmistakable Form and Function - then you have to see what we can make for your in America. Ovation Cabinetry is 100% customization and offers more finishes, door styles, cabinet sizes, with the finest in design with over 20 years of award winning confidence.  Contact Signature Designs Kitchen Bath to learn more about Ovation Cabinetry the American solution to your contemporary dream kitchen.