Classy Bath

Its very common to experience at least a little dissatisfaction with your bathroom. Layouts can be awkward and small, fixtures outdated, and the colors all wrong! When you spend up to an hour a day (sometimes more) in your bathroom getting ready for your day, all of the problems start to surface. To improve your bathroom you have two options: 1. Make small changes that have big impacts or 2. Renovate!  

The right project for you depends on how you and your household use the bathroom. Consider what problems you run into, is it a space issue? a storage issue? If you have many people using one bathroom you may have noticed a clutter of products, beauty tools and wet towels so fixing the storage will probably make you a lot happier in your daily bathroom use.

Is your bathroom a portal to 1985? Bringing your toilet, faucet, and shower into modern times can be as important an update as any functional one. 

If your problems can be fixed with updating colors, decor, and cabinetry the cost will likely be very low and the transformation can be amazing. These updates exclude pluming changes, rewiring, or knocking out walls. Take the plunge and explore your options to get what you want out of your bathroom. 

If you decide your bathroom is just too awful as-is and it needs renovation take the opportunity to make the most of the space you have. Again here you should identify what your bathroom is used most for. If you don't use the tub then forget about it and focus on your ideal shower. Use professionals for plumbing, construction and anything you're not experienced in yourself. This may include a designer but it doesn't have to. Find design ideas for luxury bathrooms here

Justin Wood

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