Buying Guide for Custom Cabinetry in San Diego

Kitchen Cabinets

New cabinets are a part of every remodel that includes your kitchen, bath or whole home remodel.  A good fact to consider when preparing for a remodel is that your Kitchen Cabinets can be 1/3 to 1/2 of your overall cost of doing your remodel.  The investment you choose to make into your remodel will help lead you to the cabinetry line that you would be best suited for to stay on budget.  The other approach is that you select just exactly the right look, finish and functions for your kitchen remodel and see how the decisions fall into your over all desired budget. It is usually a very clear choice how the client wants to approach their project, your professional kitchen designer is there to guide you to the best decision for you. 

What are you looking at when you look at each cabinet style and line? 

Cabinets are categorized into several groups: here is an overview of the categories. 

RTA - Ready to assemble. They seem to be a cost saving option but if you compare some value lines to RTA you will see that is is not as cost savings as you think and you need to pay someone to assemble them which is going to cost you as the homeowner more. 

Construction types:  

FRAMELESS cabinetry does not have a face frame,  providing a perfectly streamlined appearance. Knobs or pulls are required to open the cabinetry. 

FRAMED CABINETRY there is a frame over the box that the doors are overlay the framed boxes. The typical reveal is 1/8" to 1/4" between the doors. 

Inset Cabinetry the doors and drawer fronts of the cabinetry are recessed into the face frame opening so that they are flushed out with the face of the cabinets. The reveals between the face frame opening and the outer edge of doors (and drawer fronts) will be a nominal 1/8".  Inset cabinetry is beautiful and tends to be one of the more expensive options for your cabinet selection but it a beautiful style.

European Handless cabinetry manufactures have set standards in design, function and aesthetics. Handless cabinets have an upper and lower open cut-out where the cabinetry has a channel creating a sleek minimalist kitchen.  One of San Diego European cabinet lines,  ALNO as a great option for a modern German cabinet.  It can even be cost effective depending on the finishes selected.  

There are so many more details that needs to be discussed with your kitchen design professional so that you make a good decision for your home. this post will at least get you started to the desired look you want in your home. 

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