Biggest Mistake When Remodel

Building a home for your family is exciting! FUN, joyful. Or should be!  After 20 years of working with homeowners and many, many new builds and major remodels, without a doubt there are more than a few mistakes but this seems to be a trend right now as the biggest issue.


Not having a plan. This sounds silly right? But there are plans and then there are PLANS as in “planning”. You need not just a plan for the house itself but also a plan for how you are going to tackle the myriad of decisions you will need to make to transform the paper “plan” into the 3 dimensional home you envision. This takes a lot of work ….and guidance.  It is so important to think this through and get it right…on paper…before you release the bulldozers. Do not try and “select things” out because your builder said he needs this info before he begins. This is great and wonderful if you are building a tract home. But this thinking has no place in the reality of custom home building. It is a process and yes yes we want to have good estimates on costs to build but this can be done without buying every special deal you see on online before a tree is cleared. 

Lately a multitude of clients have come to me from Carlsbad, Encinitas to LaJolla, when they have already started framing their new home or remodeling project. This can be accomplished of course but what it does to you is causes a lot of stress. We are reacting instead of planning. As a word of advice play it safe and think through all your building needs, budget and over all style in the beginning.  


Be Smart Plan Ahead, Concept Design, Drawings, Finishes, Budget  - Successful Project. 

Lall floor plan.jpg