Beyond Stainless in Your Kitchen

Stainless steel appliances promise a long life span, easy clean up, hygienic cooking surfaces, and a sleek kitchen. it's no wonder why kitchens everywhere have been installing stainless for the past 25 years. But when its time for an update or to adding more flare to your kitchen's look, do you add more stainless or branch out? Rather than shopping for more of the same, think of materials and colors that could compliment the existing sleek silver kitchen. There are several ways to transform your kitchen away from stainless drab. 

A splash of color is the perfect signature for your kitchen. Most colors work well with stainless. Even if your kitchen's metal is bronze or copper, colors mix well and can brighten up, or warm the room. Red or black accents will amplify the bold and modern aspects of metal appliances, while white or pale colors can bring a calm and timeless feel.  

Another strategy is to stick with metal. Mix in various types of metal to create a unique feel. Nickel accents with stainless steel, a copper hood over a stainless steel oven, the possibilities are endless. Copper and bronze metals can be used to create a traditional kitchen. Carefully select the right mix to maintain a theme. The back splash and cabinetry in the  photo with the copper hood are traditional enough that the stainless appliance doesn't take a turn for modern.

Similar strategies are the addition of wood cabinets throughout the kitchen, or bringing in a classic countertop. Milo's Metal offers multi-tone metal products that can be used as a 'conversation piece' countertop. However, a simple granite countertop would bring enough depth and design to set your kitchen apart. Playing with textures, patterns, and colors can help take your kitchen beyond stainless. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer