ASID San Diego Kitchen & Bath Tour on Saturday, October 25 2014 Featuring Beach Front Condo Remodel

The ASID tour, will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., showcasing the best in remodeled kitchens and baths at residences in San Diego County

When an established medical professional in San Diego sought to create a new start in life, he reached out to designer Bonnie Bagley-Catlin for assistance in redesigning his beach side Solana Beach condo.  The Client was seeking an elegant but masculine and rich space that would embrace the newest phase of his life.

The beach condo on the edge of ocean front, Bagley-Catlin sought to blend the inside space with the brightness of the sun on the sea and the richness of the depth of the cool, deep ocean.  Deep, rich wall colors of Jeff Lewis Colors are indicative of the sumptuous environment and redefine luxury.  Clean architectural lines reflect classic minimalist influences with enduring timeliness and functionality.             


Jeff Lewis Paint:  Green with Envy & Ben Hecht Art

Careful attention to detail embodies the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into this remodel. Chrome accents are used as a striking yet finished look to make a bold statement in this masculine but modern and clean space. Specific detailing, such as the use of matte glass tile from Island stone for the backsplash and pewter metal columns, enhances the streamlined and geometric style of the home.

The soft comfortable furnishings feature rounded fronts with sleek lines wed with the richness of wood and chrome accents.  Cleanliness of glass and chrome lighting enhance the modernist environment, which echo the simplicity of the coastline.

See the press release regarding the upcoming event.


Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer