A New Breed of Designer Tiles

Designer and decorative tiles have become more indulgent, more luxe and the desire to make a strong statement with this material is in high demand. So when it comes to updating your home and only the latest and greatest will do, take note of the following roundup of dynamic new tiles that will transform your lifestyle.

Tired of bland, boring shower tiles? Try something different! Circles in stone mosaic create a consistent, repetitive pattern that ties in with the geometric details in the sconces, cabinets and bench. A chunky marble chair rail molding frames this mirror. Not only will a mosaic in the shower make your bathroom pop, it's a timeless creation that will never make your bathroom look dated. 

Forward Fashion and Unusual Tile Patterns add to your space
Below is a A fearless geometric dark and light pattern created by a mix of two simple tile shapes (diamond and square) arranged in an over sized, full-of-movement design.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional feel or perhaps a revolutionary modern look, we will help you find the right tile for you.